About us

The children and youth councils french national association

The Anacej has been created in 1991. The purpose of this non-profit making association is to promote children and youth involvement in local decision and their interaction with local elected people, as well as to assist town halls and councils in the creation of youth councils.

Youth councils

Children and Youth Councils enable 7 to 25 years old to be actively involved in the everyday events of their town, county or region. They put forward ideas and suggestions and undertake activities to enhance the life quality of inhabitants.

Numbers have been steadily on the increase since the beginning of the 90’s. In 1992, there were 400 councils, today there are more than 2500. The Anacej groups together over 400 of them.


Since 1991, our association has increased, we now work with children, teenagers and young adults, local elected persons, association representatives, and with every scales of the french territory : town halls, urban district groups, counties, regions.

The Anacej is at the crossroad of french youth participation led with local authorities, and is a place of discussion, training and information.

The association is opened to young councellors. A youth comity, composed with representatives of youth councils from all the country, is part of the Anacej board and develops projects with the association.

Contact :

Simon Berger

+33 (0)1 56 35 05 32